Based in Houston, Texas Alzader Asset Management, LLC is a privately held business formed as a property management company. As investors we primarily invest in high return development projects in which there is the opportunity to change or upgrade an underutilized property from a lower use to a higher use property primarily in Houston, Texas and the surrounding metropolitan area. 

             Our main focus is the commercial and residential real estate market.  We acquire land, and then build the projects on our own or have the builders come in to develop the land into an awesome piece of real property at a fixed cost. We then reinvest profits back into the business. In addition, we also create the marketing strategy for each property that we manage.  We develop the building structure, design and obtain the essential  public approval. We then build the structure, lease, manage, and occasionally sell it for a profit. We work closely with our counterparts each step of this process incorporating attorneys, city planners, architects, engineers, surveyors, inspectors and contractors including those clients who will ultimately decide whether or not to lease a property.

          Utilizing (ERM) and (BCM) systems we are committed to building a resilient business; one that manages risk. Armed with insight into enterprise vulnerability, the tolerance for prudent risk taking can be put into context. Risks have been classified, risk thresholds have been set, and the enterprise can proceed with innovation, development and learning, without exposing itself to undue catastrophic or financial risk. We understand that business enterprises who have the ability to manage risk well can pursue valuable opportunities. Positioning ourselves to take advantage of great opportunities is what we're all about.

NAICS CODE:  236115, 236118

SIC CODE: 1521, 8741

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